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Kimberly Price is a Midwest born mama to four crazy kids, wife, writer, speaker, philanthropist and the Founder of Be, on a mission to disrupt your views on aging, so you can live your best life! If it’s inevitable, why fight it?

She’s not just your ordinary “Wellness expert”…….but a Whole-Self Health Coach that likes to teach women to break all the rules, by taking the hell out of healthy and empowering you to shift your views on living, loving, aging and everything in between, so you can love your body, have the energy to enjoy it and find balance, confidence and fun in creating joy and healthy habits at every stage, so that you can be UNSTOPPABLE at any age!

Live Big! Be Unstoppable! Be YOU!

Her business is a mix of unconventional and fun strategies and tools that inspire and empower individuals to discover, accept and know that inside each one of us is the key to unlocking the opportunity to live better, have more freedom and believe in the impossible.

Kimberly’s faith is her foundation…..she doesn’t like to slow down, won’t give up easily and her creative, outgoing, strong spirit loves finding solutions to any good challenge. She has faced her share of life obstacles, including a stage IV cancer diagnosis, but she has chosen to make these light-bulb moments or wake-up calls, her next big opportunity to love harder, forgive more often, connect deeper and live each day to positively inspire and show others how they can impact the world.